ServiceNow: London Release (New features)


ServiceNow just announced its release of London, which is the newest version in the long line of software updates since the company’s creation. This platform has a long history of upgrades that reflect the changing industry. They are no longer limited to serving IT professionals, the ServiceNow platform has grown to encompass all areas within an organization and encouraging best practices in managing all services as a business.

With each new version release from ServiceNow, we see changes to existing applications and modules plus, brand new functionality. With two releases scheduled per year, ServiceNow is driven to product improvement and market growth.

Version Release Date
London August 2018
Kingston January 2018
Jakarta July 2017
Istanbul January 2017
Helsinki May 2016
Geneva December 2015
Fuji March 2015
Eureka May 2014
Dublin November 2013
Calgary February 2013
Berlin July 2012
Aspen December 2011

New features and products

It helps to maintain a centralized backlog containing records of different task types, such as defects, problems, incident tasks, and stories. It:

  • facilitates prioritizing and sequencing of different task type records in one location, saving you steps.
  • removes the overhead of converting records to stories, saving you time.

It is used to implement service, process, and function improvements. An improvement initiative contains goals to measure success, and phases that contain tasks with specific actions to complete the improvement.

It represent a request for assistance through a given channel. Agents use interactions to record requests from different channels, such as walk-ups, chat conversations, or phone calls. Interaction Management provides a basic framework for other applications to be built on. With interactions, you can:

  • Assign interactions to specific users
  • Automatically assign interactions using assignment groups
  • Control the routing for an interaction
  • Follow the interaction history

It includes several predefined chat-bot conversations designed to help your IT users complete common tasks, such as password reset and creating an incident.

Use this to apply lean and agile principles to your organization. With this framework, you can:

  • manage the challenging task of developing and delivering software products in the shortest viable lead time.
  • gain a broader, high-level perspective as well as governance across various levels in your organization.
  • facilitate collaboration and streamline the planning and monitoring of activities across business units, departments, and teams.

It provides a framework for defining and handling a communication process for any entity that extends the Task table. It helps you to streamline a communication process by creating designated plans for effective communication during an event. It handles communication plans for any table that extends the Task table. It also provides the ability to setup designated communication plans, channels, templates, messages, and recipients for any task.

It helps you manage testing processes to deliver software products more efficiently and with fewer defects.

While Test Management covers user acceptance testing, it does not include some key data model structures like test versions, test runs, or test results. In addition, you cannot structure test plans in Test Management. Test Management 2.0 includes data model structures that match industry standards. It is integrated with the Agile Development 2.0 product, adding agile development to testing capabilities.

It is a conversational bot platform for providing user assistance through conversations within a messaging interface. Use Virtual Agent to build automated agents, also called bots, and design the conversations that your users can have with these bots to obtain information, make decisions, and perform common work tasks. During these conversations, your users can transfer to a live agent at any time for help, providing them a seamless support experience.

Walk-up Experience enables your IT organization to set up a contact channel to support both online check-in and onsite check-in to a pre-established walk-up service center. Walk-up Experience is for anyone who would prefer to meet face-to-face with an experienced IT technician in a welcoming and supportive environment.

These were few new features add in London release. Stay tuned for my next post on some of the key updates and changes made to the existing applications in Now platform.

And if you have missed the london release webinar you can click here to see the video. 

You can refer to product documentation of serviceNow for more detail notes on the new release features.

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